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Berliet TBO 15M Turbo Recovery Conversion . 2006


Berliet TBO 15M 6x4 Code Heavy Haulage Tractor . Later Allesant Co. Salon de Provence Recovery Vehicle .

Seen 19.4.06 La Calmette (30) Gard . France . Fitted with a Berliet MDO 3M 300hp turbo diesel engine . Used either as a tractor unit or pusher by companies such as STAG . Now due to be restored by Christian Beau .

From La Calmette Scrapyard (30) France

  • mack,f700,f785,st
  • mack,dm609 stx
  • mack,dm609 stx
  • 772he26,bernard,td211,35/38,pourtout

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