Advertise with Traveller Dave

Traveller Dave is easy to find in the search engines, and provides an engaging, searchable resource for people interested in many almost hard-to-find commercial vehicles, mostly British and European.

If you run a commercial website targetting people interested in our content, it's likely that advertising with us will generate relevant visitors for you.

Advertising in this website is available in the form of 228 pixel square graphic ads which display in the right column. We offer both pay-per-click and CPM options

Pay per click

Price 20p plus VAT per click. That's way cheaper than maistream PPC networks and, if our visitors find your website interesting, potentially great value.

CPM – cost per thousand

Price £1.50 plus VAT per 1000 impressions (displays) of your advert.

To book

Contact us via the enquiry form to outline your requirements.

Minimum order value is £99 plus VAT, which covers 500 clickthroughs or 66,000 ad display impressions, as measured by our advertising delivery system.

Payment is required before campaign delivery commences. This can be made by cheque or by card over the phone.

Limited offer... free banner creation

You can supply your own banner as a GIF or PNG, or tell us the URL of a remote content item... our delivery system is very flexible.

For our first 10 advertisers, our design studio will come up with eye-catching banner artwork free of charge.