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Albion Duet !


HNR307D (1966) Albion Chieftain Ch3a. & 732(later OFF605) 1949 Albion Victor .

15.10.92 Moira Quarry . Shepshed . Leics. No sooner had most of the rear end been panelled in (but still only a blanket for a back door) and thanks to a council eviction , it was time to move once again . This particular winter we averaged only 2 1/2 weeks per site .. with the destination of this journey being the shortest at 48hrs after police commandered bulldozers to drag vehicles into a layby . This coupling of Albions lasted for several months as Adam had no engine in his .. which also meant that he had no brakes (butterfly control valve for servo on the exhaust , only works if engine is running..) I'd still not sorted out problems with the Hydrovac set up so mine were pushed to stop my own weight .. so imagine the fun n games as 'two's up '. At least I could see the route ahead , not so Adam at the end of a rigid bar and in a narrow ex-Guernsey bus .!

From Dave's Albion Chieftain 'Mobile Home'

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