This is a photographic record of various vehicles seen around southern Europe. It's NOT a commercial site and NOTHING is for sale... so …

Third use for a 1966 "Chieftain" Furniture Lorry.

AEC Popular Export to Many European Countries

Engines fitted in Willeme trucks in France. Exported to Holland and Portugal.

Leyland Engined 'Lowlander' LR1

French Made 4x4 / 6x6 Specialist Uses . Ford or Perkins Engines .

LADC at Montelimar

A Group Based in Montélimar(26) Drome . France To Save, Restore & Rally Vintage Trucks .

TP Yard (30) Gard . France

WF Model in Portugal

UK models exported to Portugal

WW2 US Army Tractor Unit

Spanish Co.

Czech Company using Saviem Parts .

Ardeche (07) Yard , Being Cleared in 2010

Launched in 1961 by East German Barkaswerke (formerly Framo) Production ended in 1991

Spanish Trucks . Berliet style cabs .

Early Lyon Based Manufacturer .

Santos Rosa .

From A - TL

TJ , S , TL in France . A , TJ , TK in Portugal .

Berliet's Bus & Coach Production .

Lyon (France) Company . Merged with Renault = R.V.I. in 1978 .

berliet cab berliet foundation

200+ Restored Vehicles , Mainly Berliet . But only open to members for one afternoon a year ! .

Swiss Army .

French company which later merged with Mack , but failed to survive .

German Bundeswehr 4x4's

Gerard Bras . Le Plan Sud . 84340 Entrechaux Tel:+33(0)612109148

Bristol Double Deckers

1 Static shop advert was in France.

WW2 US Army . Often Bridge Layer Units .

American Model Seen in Portugal

German Co. Used in France & Spain .


Nicolas Polioto died 1/5/12 & yard was cleared in 2018 by which time only the M26 Pacific & 10 other vehicle's left & all were sold for …

Now closed , but had been in the grounds of a training college at Mallemort (13) France .

Chausson AP , APH , ASH ...

French PSV Manufacture . Taken over by Saviem 1959

Old French Car & Van Builder .

Chromy US

American WW2 & Later Imports .

American Company .

Citroen's Passenger Vehicle Production .

corregated vans etc

France's "Double Chevron".

17 Jun 2018

Bernard Cournil , Cornil , Auverland

Dutch Company Before Its Disasterous Alliance with Leyland ..

Uk Chassis / Engine Exports

UK Export to Portugal

French Co. Specialising in Fire Vehicles .

Ex-US WWII T981 Ballasted Tank Transporter . T968 GS . T969A Heavy Wrecker .

Dodge Fargo

WW2 WC Models & Fargo Power Wagon & Later HGV's .

Spanish Built Ford's

Another Defunct UK Truck Manufacturer

US Quarry Trucks .

fairground, forain, circus, cirque

European fairground (forain) and circus vehicles.

French Version of Scammell's Mechanical Horse / Poney 3 Wheeler .

German Military

American import in Spain

Italian products

Italian Co. 1950-60's Exports .

French Bus & Coach Builder .

Trader & D In France & Portugal , Ebro In Spain . Transcontinental etc..

Austrian ? Bus Co.

Mostly WWII Ex-US Army CCKW 353 Versions .

German Exports

German Manufacture Hanomag . Later Merged With Henschel .

German Co. That Merged With Hanomag .

French Co.


Post WW2 Military & Fire Service

Portuguese Fire Equipment Co.


Hungarian Manufacturer , Later owned by Irisbus .

Besset of Annonay (12) France .

Italien Co. Inc. Fiat , Ford , Unic ...

Vintage American

Solid Tyred American

American Imports .

Situated Between Gap(05) & Sisteron (04) in French Alpes .

Small French Truck (500) Builder & Tractors .

Military & Fire Service Vehicles .

Italian Company .

Forward Control Models

Normal & Forward Control Models

French Co. Specialising in Forestry Tractors & Snowploughs .

Publicity Bus , Pizza Bar , Info-Bus etc ..

American ?

Tonton's Fibreglass Cabbed Trucks .

LT Deckers For Publicity Purposes

American Military Units .

American Co. Later buying out Bernard in France .

Lugo . Spain . Specialised Vehicle Co.

Dutch Company Using Air Cooled Engines

Annual machine rally

Part of La Ferme de Folie Rally in 1998 . Now on his son's farm .

German Co. Later Badged as Saviem when imported into France .

French Co.


Mercedes Passenger Vehicle Production

L , LAK , Unimog etc

UK Fire Appliance Co.

Civilian , SNCF , Military etc.

Belgium Heavy Haulage Constructeur . Bought Willeme in 1978 .

Swiss Military Vehicles .

US Import

American Import / Gift to Portugal .

US Army WW2 Armoured Tank Recovery Unit

Another French Co. long gone ..


Spanish company, used Leyland engines at one time.

French Co.

23 Feb 2017


Now moved to Montrichard (41) Open April-September ,see weblink .

Regie Public Service

Nationalised French Company Post WW2

05 Jun 2018


Ex-French Fire Service Vehicles in Montuaban .

Plant Machinery Collection , Annual Working Weekend . Cordelle (42) Loire . France .

Long Defunct Lyon Based Company .

Horse , Tractor , Steam or Vehicle Hauled .

Road Roller Collection in Yard .

Swiss Co. Also built in Austria & Uk .

Renault RVI Saviem's Passenger Transport Production .

LRS-Saviem (Latil-Renault-Somua), Renault , RVI .

1 So far seen in europe ...

Yard now cleared .. final visit 8.00

Early Steam Fire Pumps .

French Roadside Signs

Signs of all kinds ...

French (Ford Engined) Military Vehicles

French Co. Converting for Renault & Citroen , also own Model range .

French Co.


D1092 La Gare . 38840 La Sone .(Valence-Grenoble) Huge stock of ex-military vehicles and spares .

Civilian & Military Passenger Vehicle Co.

French Electric Vehicle Co.

Steam Powered Road Rollers , Traction Engines & Portable Engines .

Austrian Co.

Simca-Unic-Marmon-Bocquet 4x4's

Gravel depot & scrapyard opposite Aubenas (07) Ardeche

Czech Based Company . 6x6 & 8x8 Speciality .

Jean Testu's Scrapyard

Coren (North of St Fleur) Closed in 1996 but still full in 2013 . Tel.

Vehicles Used In Catastrophic Situations .

Traveller and Converted Vehicles and Mobile Homes

European examples from my other website

French / Italien Co.

Scrapyard which I visited in 1999, now cleared.


F, N and L Series in Portugal and France.

German Beetle & Van Manufacturer .


WW2 1/2 Tracks & Others

Old French Co. Later Used AEC Engines & Imported BMC Vehicles Before Bankruptcy in 1970's .