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Towing Critter & Rachel's Taxi . France - Portugal


HNR307D (1966) Leyland-Albion Chieftain CH3A. Ex-Clemerson's Furniture Co. Loughborough .

20.10.94 Not far from the Spanish - Portuguese border (the last year it functioned as one) and we were glad to reach it as diesel was extremely tight for myself and Critter & Rachel in their Bedford pantechnicon , unbeknown to us it was a Spanish holiday = no banks , no change , no diesel .. Luckily there were still a few litres left in Critters Black Cab , so in desperation we siphoned it 15kms from the border , this was after we'd broken into Robbie's piggy bank for another 372.60 pesetas worth ..

From Dave's Albion Chieftain 'Mobile Home'

  • hnr307d,albion,chieftain,ch3a
  • EN335/Albion
  • hnr307d,albion,chieftain,ch3a
  • hnr307d,albion,chieftain,ch3a

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