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This website is intended as a means of sharing with a wider public some of the vehicles and associated objects that've crossed the path of my Albion during our last 14+ years travelling around southern europe . It's not meant to be a technicaly detailed site , anoraks can get that sort of detail from books thank you .. I take photos of things that interest me , and don't stop to count how many wheelnuts its got etc ...though I've tried to add succint captions with a few known details . I haven't the crack code for the european registration systems I'm afraid so vehicle dates are often only listed for that model , if known . For more information on french vehicles there is a monthly magazine "Charge Utile" , which tries to cover most vehicle types , but its nothing like the material available in the uk . Any feedback/questions on uploaded images always welcome . As I live in a converted truck my internet connection is usually limited to visiting the nearest cyber outlet new material will appear when time allows !

From Dave Introducing His NON-Commercial Website

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